Current Committee

Each Breed Club sends committee members to the BAC meetings which are held three times each year.

The BAC ‘delegate’ or ‘delegates’ from each club are not fixed positions and so clubs can nominate a committee member to attend but if that committee member is unable to attend then another may go in his/her place.

Shorthaired Cat Society
Lizz Benson and Catherine Kaye

British Shorthair Cat Club
Pamela Beard-Smith & Daniel Goodricke

Tabby Cat Club
Jill Martin & Sharon Chance

Red Cream and Tortie Society
Brenda Hollandt & Betty Newbury

Colourpointed British Shorthair Cat Club
Marion Wade & Julia Oughtibridge

Southern British Shorthair Cat Club
Shelagh Heavens & Valerie Anderson

South West British Shorthair Cat Club
Susan Newman & Lesley Tricker