The Role of the BAC

A BAC exists to work in the interests of the cats of its Breed List by monitoring the training and performance of the Judges on its list and candidates within its scheme, and by reviewing its Standard of Points and Registration Policy and amending them if and when required, with due consideration to the health and future of the breed(s)

Breed Advisory Committees will consist of representatives of the Specialist Breed Clubs, affiliated to GCCF, catering for breeds included in the Judge list.

There will be only one Breed Advisory Committee per Judge list. Each BAC should be as fully representative as possible of all areas of the Cat Fancy, including experienced breeders and exhibitors, show managers, judges etc
A BAC is the forum for discussion between its Constituent Clubs. The Club representatives, who shall be appointed according to the rules of their respective Clubs, must represent the views of their Club Committee to the BAC. In order to do so it is desirable that representatives are Committee members or attend Club Committee meetings. Representatives should not normally be mandated by their Club since any discussion during the meeting must be taken into consideration when voting. Any decision as to the extent of consultation with the individual Club members is the responsibility of the Club Committee.

Once a BAC has been formed and its Constitution has been approved by the Executive Committee, no other group will be recognised as the advisory/recommending body to Council for the breed(s) concerned. Should any of the Clubs involved be unable to participate in the business meetings of the BAC then that Club will forfeit its right to make proposals to Council relating to judges, standards or points, registration policies and new breeds of the Breed List, which are the sole prerogatives of BACs. Such a Club will not, however, lose its right to speak on any matter relating to the breed(s) for which it caters.

BACs may be combined to form Joint BACs, either where the breeds covered are of the same breed type but of differing coat pattern or length, or where the BACs have constituent clubs in common. The Breed Judge lists will not be combined and only the constituent clubs of the relevant individual BAC may vote on matters specific to the BAC breeds or judges. Certificates, reports etc. will only be sent to the constituent Clubs of the relevant BAC.

BACs covering breeds of the same basic type (e.g. Persians or Orientals) should liaise over proposals to amend Standards of Points or Registration Policies.

BACs should liaise with other BACs and are encouraged to hold joint seminars, primarily for all breeds within a section, and including cross-section seminars.